MBG International provides commercial aircraft completion services to customers who request to have their own aircraft managed with a team of experienced professionals with the highest standards of safety and quality. Apart from this, the dedicated team of MBG International provides cost-effective aircraft interior design solutions keeping in view the needs of the customer.

Boeing 777 is the largest twinjet with a range of 9,704 to 15844 km. Commonly referred to as the “Triple Seven”, One of the variants 777-200 LR is one of the world’s longest-range airliners, able to fly more than halfway around the globe.

As designers, our foremost priority is to evaluate the combination of various elements to determine which will provide a sense of comfort on long weary flights. To create a more home-like feeling we tend to go with relaxing light colors to make the cabin larger, wider and more open. The ceiling and luggage bins of the airplanes are mostly of neutral color for creating the desired mood and atmosphere.

The new shape of the Boeing and seat suppliers offers airlines a wider seat in economy class which means passengers can enjoy a more comfortable long-duration flight. You can view our BBJ design here.

We are a VIP aircraft interior design firm based in San Antonio, Texas to provide the most comprehensive design keeping in view the customer needs. For further details please contact us.

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