Commercial Airline Design + Branding

Commercial Airline Design


MBG International Design will Work with your branding team to translate your vision and brand into your interiors

>> Acknowledge and address the “missing” experience

>> Understanding your needs as a company

>> Create an updated look and extending to all airframes

>> Creation of brand identity and guiltiness for all airframes

>> Creating an emotional experience to aid in retaining of customers

>> Boutique Design Firm feel with personalized concierge service

>> Jet Designers where attention to detail is an everyday occurrence

>> FOCUS: Space, Harmony and Refined Details

      > Materials (colors, textures and patterns)

      > Design (seats and covers, carpets, laminated, sidewalls, bulkheads, lavatories, bar and common areas, Headliners and Galley)

      > Details (lighting, brand recognition, ergonomics, durability, early adaptable, sound proofing, artwork, passenger experience)

Fresh  Ideas. Fresh Perspective. Fresh Excitement