Aircraft Interior Design

We go step-by-step through the entire development process with you, from concept to completion. Each color and material is tailored to suit your personal style and the insight of our designer ensures every detail is perfect. To ensure you understand what to expect, we set up presentations with both 2-D and 3-D renderings + drawings.

Conceptual Design:
  • Design creation through design concept and design development phases in Aircraft Interior Design.
  • Initial Layout Studies and Drawings working on your LOPA.
  • Creation of color and material variations for customization purposes.
  • Presentation of the design in 2D with sketches, plans, detail drawings.
  • Presentation of the design in 3D with renderings, walk-throughs, and animations. MBG International Design is now utilizing new technology which allows us to show you 3D renderings and change materials in real time. This unique experience gives you the opportunity to see different materials and layouts saving time through back and forth changes the traditional way.
  • Material sampling with Aircraft Interior Design.
  • Design Material Specification Documents.
  • Flexibility to travel upon request.