Airlines are in a battle for survival in an ever-populated marketplace, so the question arises how can you stand out? Obviously branding plays a very important role in making the first impression of the airline before even the customer boards the plane. Here we focus on airline interior design as one of the branding elements crucial to connect with your customers.

Through branding, we can create emotional connections and brand loyalty with some simple elements. Aircraft interior design of a plane can be a starting point of this by making the trip more comfortable.

Comfort becomes an essential factor when it comes to the interior design of an aircraft. With the introduction of various technologies in aircraft design, there are only a few which are able to address the passenger’s opinion. Aircraft Interior Designers of MBG International Design specializing in this field reflect on the fact how simple elements of interior design help to create a first impression.

An ideal VIP aircraft interior design must include a relaxing color to provide a maximum sense of comfort with more residential feeling. Also, designers have found that curved shapes create a more comfortable environment in an airplane passenger cabin. For example, a ceiling with gentle curves for any aircraft makes an airplane cabin feel more spacious.

As in-home, lighting facilities in the passenger cabin also plays important role in overall comfort. Light along the cabin ceiling should have different brightness settings to help passengers adjust to the different time zone when they land.

For many years, advanced seat and seat- cushion technology has increased passenger legroom on jetliners. Seats are designed in such a way that the aluminum frame supports on the bottom of the cushion are moved forward to add two
or three more inches of room for passengers’ comfort.

Our experienced professionals at MBG International Design specialize in business jet interior design. To know more about our designs go through our airline interior design gallery here.

Nikki Gledhill is a designer & CEO at MBG International Design, LLC with a dedicated team of trade professionals and designers to create a customized interior as per your style and travel needs. You can go through our gallery here – BBJ interior design & ACJ Interior Design.

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